Conrado Silva Miranda

Conrado Silva Miranda

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Secure your machine learning platform

  Last week, the security community learned of a big cryptomining campaign that leveraged exposed Kubeflow clusters to mine Monero coins. This attack happened due to publicly exposed dashboards and has sparked a healthy conversation on the security of…

Happy birthday, Git!

Last April, Git celebrated its 15 year anniversary! It has by now become the defacto standard for versioning your code. It made many things much easier to do than its competitors and successfully created a vibrant and still growing ecosystem. However, the…

ModelDB 2.0 is here!

Since we wrote ModelDB 1.0, a pioneering model versioning system, we have learned a lot and adapting it to the evolving ecosystem became a challenge. Hence we decided to rebuild from the ground up to support a model versioning system tailored to make ML… Company Blog
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